I am George V. Meyer and I have been writing on consumer electronics for a decade. In short, I am a tech geek having a huge interest in products which make our living better. Technology is changing our lives in an unthinkable way. Hence, this is an endeavor to make the transition to the digital world easier through this blog.

I have been an early adopter to almost all the new tech that has come in the last ten years. My field of interest ranges from mobile phones, wearable, lifestyle product and a lot of similar accessories. The transition from a mechanical world where manpower was the key to a digital world where things can be done in a jiffy always fascinates me. This very curiosity of understanding technology from depth led to the creation of this website. I want to help people who are not tech-savvy and have a hard time choosing from a myriad of products. Essentially, I am helping fellow users who want the best of the best products through my experience.

In this blog, I try to include products of every segment, from affordable to premium ones. I put a special focus on accessibility of technology. It is important to understand that if we want to move to a digital savvy future then accessibility should be the topmost priority. I try my best to feature all such products while giving a recommendation. Continuously, I am testing consumer-facing products from the inside and outside so that you don’t have to go through the tedious process.

The digital world is around the corner and we should invest in products which can make our life easier, accessible and overall simpler. I hope this blog is the go-to place for all your tech needs. If my experience in tech helped you in making an informed decision, I feel the goal is already achieved.