Technology is improving at a rapid pace and it is affecting every single industry, be it music, art or health. One of the huge improvements has been in the art world with the creation of a 3D pen. 3D pens are relatively new in the market and it is still innovating, yet there are numbers of pens to choose from. Depending upon your skill level either your beginner, amateur or professional, you can buy a 3D pen and have the experience for yourself. In this 3D pen review, I will sort out some of the best 3D pens you can buy and use on daily basis. But before that, let us first understand what 3D pen is and how it works. Does it help in expressing art meaningfully using 3D structures? I will answer all of these questions in this review.

What is a 3D Pen?

First of all, a 3D pen looks identical to a normal ball or gel pen. Basically, it has the dimensions of ink pens but does not use ink. Instead, it uses a plastic filament to create a 3D structure in the open air or on a surface area. I know you are still thinking about how this works? Let me start with the basics. The 3D printing pen is slightly bulkier and uses a plastic filament in place of ink. 3D pens need electricity to work and you can get it through the inbuilt battery or you connect to a direct power source.

If you are thinking why it needs electricity, here is the main part. As the plastic filament is solid and made of hard material, you can’t give it shape the way you want. So with the help of electricity, the pen melts the plastic so that it becomes gooey. Gooey is kind of liquid but not fully materialized so you can give it shape the way you want. After a while, it dries and again becomes plastic making the drawing a solid structure. This tech is really great and there have been numbers of such creations which are quite great.

Our Top Picks


This is my comprehensive list of top rated 3D pen in the market right now. This list comprises of various 3D pens, depending upon skill level and price segment. If you are a professional, you should definitely get 3Doodler Pro. You will be overwhelmed by the pen. And if you are a beginner, you can get 3Doodler Start which has some basic and advanced features to boot. If you have specific requirements, you can choose one among all the six 3D pens recommended here and you will not go wrong with any of it. I hope this 3D pen review helped you in finding the best 3D pen and brought your visual imagination to the table.

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