Ever since Apple ditched the headphone jack from iPhones, the demand for wireless earbuds sprung up. Apple’s consistent direction in wireless technology forced many mobile manufacturers to follow suit. At present, most mobiles do not have a headphone jack making the whole wired technology redundant. So wireless earbuds have taken the center stage.

The sad part is that even top rated wireless earbuds do not have the same sound experience as the wired ones. The difference is clearly noticeable because of weak Bluetooth connection and lack of optimized codecs. However, there is a ray of hope because Sony, the company known for its technical prowess in sound technology, has released a high-quality codec popularly known as LDAC. It can effectively make the sound much better with its lossless algorithm and compression techniques. Seeing the competition, Qualcomm, the silicon company also released its aptX and aptX-HD codecs which is capable of producing rich sounds with minimum quality loss. Having so much innovation in the audio technology, wireless earbuds make for a great proposition now.

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As I went through Bluetooth earbuds reviews, I tried to cover as many points as possible as to what makes a wireless earbud truly great. I did a thorough research and came up with these wireless earbuds which provide great sound, long-lasting battery, water resistance, ease of use, and a lot more. You can pick any one of them based on the price range and it will definitely live up to your expectation. 

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