If you are driving on a freeway or riding across states in your car, you will need a radar detector for observing speed surveillance by traffic police. There are lots of detectors in the market, but I have sorted the best radar detector which you can use in your car and can drive stress free without any fear of heavy fine by the traffic police. But before proceeding to the list, let us go through some basic points so that you have an in-depth understanding of how radar detectors work.

First of all, traffic police use radio waves to monitor the speed of vehicles. In such case, radar detectors help in detecting those signals which are emitted targeting on speeding vehicles. Basically, the police emit a beam of signals on a speeding vehicle and radar detector acts as a receiver and logs the varying frequency. After that, the detector alerts the rider to slows down the vehicle to prevent any fine from traffic police. One thing to note here, at times the traffic police uses something called LIDAR which has a short wavelength. It becomes really hard for a radar detector to identify such signals of low wavelength. However, in this radar detector reviews, we have taken special consideration of technologies like LIDAR and we will recommend top radar detectors which can detect such signals.

As a side note, radar detectors are legal in the United States except in Virginia and Washington D.C. So keep that in mind while driving through these states. Now that we have gone through some basic and advanced points, let us dive into the list of best radar detectors 2019.

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In this radar detector reviews, I have tried my best to include all necessary points which are essential to radar detectors. If you are looking to buy a radar detector, you should make sure the detector supports both modes of radio waves. Radio, as well as laser waves, should be supported by the detector. Overall, these two features extremely helpful in such situations. Also, look for 360-degree monitoring system as there can be surveillance from any direction and you should be ready for it. I feel Escort iX Long Range Radar Laser Detector is one of the best radar detectors 2019 to buy if cost is not a problem.

I have sorted top five radar detectors based on different sets of features, pricing, and mostly safety. You can go through the list, and choose the one which suits your requirement the most. All these radar detectors are the best in different segments and you will not be disappointed with any of them. I hope this article helped in your finding the best radar detector.

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