Smartwatches are the new entrant in consumer technology and it seems after mobile phones, wearable will be the next big thing. Slowly and steadily, new smartwatches are going through research and development and soon it will replace mobile phones as a primary device for communication. At present, there are already hosts of smartwatches in the market, but in the next 2-3 years, much more advanced and battery lasting wearable will hit the market. Besides, upcoming smartwatches 2019 has lots of promise and it is going to be pretty exciting.

Contrary to the popular opinion, smartwatches not only show time but have lots of helpful features like fitness tracker and call functionality. There are so many useful features like calls, reminders, quick information through voice assistants, and lastly health monitoring. These additions really make a difference in our life as you do not have to carry something in our hands all the time. Just like analog watches, smartwatch sits on your hand and you get access to the world of personalized information.

At present, there are quite a few smartwatches which work surprisingly well and lasts longer. So you did the work for you and sorted the best smartwatch to buy right now. This is a complete list of best smartwatch 2019 taking all major points into consideration like battery usage, easy accessibility, LTE support etc. So let’s go through the list one by one so that you can decide which one to buy.


This is our definitive list of the best smartwatch to buy in 2019. I did my research and came up with 10 best smartwatches based on features, LTE capability, battery life, and many other things. You can choose any one of them based on your requirement and you won’t go wrong with it. I hope this article gave you a peek into the smartwatch world and how the wearable technology is improving. The time is here to embrace smartwatches, making smartphones secondary communication device for good.

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